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New to VO's?
How does it work?

If you've never commissioned a voiceover, don't worry, it's easy. As long as you speak English and have an internet service - I can work with you: distance/country no object!

1. Contact me with details of the type and length of script, and its proposed end usage - eg. TV, radio, internet, internal business etc.
2. I will give you a personalised quote in line with market rates, based on the script length and its end usage.
3. You can, if you wish, ask me to record a short sample of the script (usually 30s max.) as an audition. This will be returned as a .mp3 file (it won't be the entire script asI have to take precautions against unauthorised commercial use before payment).
4. If you're happy with the quote (and audition if requested), I will generate an invoice through Paypal which allows you to pay a deposit in advance. You can pay by Paypal, or with any of the major cards. You don't need a Paypal account to do this. You will then get back to me with the deadline and any direction notes.
5. I will record the script in my studio. You can monitor live either on Skype or broadcast quality Source Connect. Afterwards, I email/ftp the file back to you as a high-quality .wav file. You can ask me for up to two changes/pickups included in the price, as long as the script is not substantially re-written. I don't add music or special effects. If you have Source Connect, you can record and edit live at your end.
6. When you're satisfied, you pay the balance on the Paypal invoice on acceptance, and the recording is yours.

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